EPIDAURUS FESTIVALThe Epidaurus Festival is a great celebration that has lasted 60 summers and has hosted some of the biggest names in theater, music and dance such as Maria Kallas, Saint-Seans, Rostropovich, Pavarotti, Peter Hall, The Theater No, the Beijing Opera and many other distinguished artists. The last decade a dynamic number of spectators have embraced the festival and every summer is growing.

THE “ARMATA” FESTIVAL-SPETSES ISLAND Many visitors, Greeks and foreigners come at Spetses every September to attend the glorious celebrations of the “Armata” that last a week and are organized in commemoration of the battle of Spetses.The celebrating program includes exhibitions, musical events ( concerts, choirs, f

Xerxes sent an emissary to negotiate with the Greeks. He offered land and freedom as long as the Greeks would surrender, but with no chance of succeeding because the Greeks had already made up their minds to fight to death.

It was summer of 480 BC, some say it was August when the fierce battle of Thermopylae took place.  Historians claim that the number of Greek forces was seven thousand and one hundred strong men versus one hundred thousand to three hundred thousand Persians.

Laconia is a Greek prefecture in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese. The capital of Laconia prefecture is Sparta which is known to the whole world for its tough and fearless warriors, the Spartans...! Laconia also has two main mountain ranges, Taygetos which is the highest mountain in the Peloponnese and Parnonas.