Corinthia and the Myth of Sysiphus

Corinthia which is one of the regional units of Greece, is located in the north eastern part of the Peloponnese. The capital and major city of Corinthia prefecture is Corinth and is mostly known for its Corinth Canal which was built the years 1880-1893. But let's take a look back on Corinthia's history. Corinthia prefecture was named after it's ancient major city Corinth, which was said to be founded by king Sisyphus. Sisyphus was a Greek mythological character who has a really interesting story. Actually he was punished for his cunningness. Zeus seduced Aegina who was the daughter of the river god Asopus, so Asopus asked Sysiphus what had happened. Sysiphus knew a lot of details, so he told everything he knew to Asopus. Asopus then chased down Zeus, but Zeus managed to escape. Zeus then returned and punished Sysiphus for having told about him and Aegina to her father, by sending him to Hades. Sysiphus managed to jail Death but Ares came and released him and then sent Sysiphus back to Hades again. Sysiphus trickery had no end. He had told his wife that she shouldn't bury his body and so she did. Sysiphus then asked for Hades permission to return to earth for three days and take care of the burial. Hades agreed and Sysiphus left but didn't return. So it was Hermes turn to take him back to Hades. Sysiphus then, was permanently punished to carry a rock up to the top of a mountain. The rock wouldn't stabilize, so it rolled back down the mountain's foothills and Sysiphus had to start all over again. It's worth mentioning that Corinth has a very prosperous and fertile soil, something that has been known from antiquity. Another great feature of Corinth is Acrocorinth which was the Acropolis of ancient Corinth. Some great places that are worth visiting, are Nemea, Xilokastro and Vrahati.