Ilia or Elis and the story of the Olympic games

Ilia is one of the regional units of Greece and is located in the western part of the Peloponnese peninsula.The capital of Ilia is Pyrgos city and is just 5 kilometres away from the Ionian sea. There are several myths about the origin of the Olympic games. One of them is the myth of Hercules who during one of his labors, had to clean the stables of king Augeas of Elis in a single day. Hercules then diverted the water of the rivers Peneus and Alpeus and managed to wash away all the accumulated dirt. Hercules and Augeas had agreed that if Hercules could clean the king's stables in a single day, the king then would give him one tenth of his cattle. But the king didn't keep his promise, so Hercules became mad and swore revenge. Hercules returned to his labours and after they were complete, gathered an army and invaded the city of Elis. Hercules managed to conquer the city of Elis and slayed king Augeas. To celebrate his victory, he founded the Olympic games.