Messinia and the Myth of Messene

Messinia is a Greek regional unit and is located in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. The capital of Messinia is the city Kalamata which has some of the most beautiful and magical beaches in Greece.The city also has some special places of unique beauty such as Polylimnio which is an array of small lakes.In addition it has impressive gorges and waterfalls. Another place of great beauty is the Neda river which owes its name to the mythological character nymph Neda which was said to be the first who held the baby god Zeus in her arms. According to mythology, the region of Messinia was named after Messene which was the daughter of Triopas who was the king of Argos. Messene was married to Polycaon who was the son of king Lelex of Laconia. Mythology says that Messene and Polycaon gathered an army and then invaded a nearby territory where they established a new kingdom. Their new territory was then named Messinia after princess Messene.