Achaia and the fourth labor of Demigod Hercules

Achaia one of the regional units of Greece, is located in the northwestern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. The capital of Achaia is the city of Patra and is one of the most populated cities of the Peloponnese. Achaia is mostly known for the harbour of Patra city and for the bridge of Rio-Antirrio which connects the Peloponnese peninsula with the rest of Greece. Some say that Achaia was named after one of goddess's Demeter epithets. The region of Achaia includes many myths. One of them is the myth of the Erymanthian boar which was the fourth labor of the mythical character named Hercules. Erymanthus is a mountain located in the region of Achaia and was the place where the Erymantian boar lived. This vicious creature would attack people and animals and would destroy everything in its path. Until Eurysteus who was king of Tiryns, which was a stronghold in the Argolid, ordered Hercules to bring him this wild boar alive. The demigod Hercules found the fearsome boar and started chasing it. He chased it down in an area with thick snow, which made it difficult for the animal to move. The animal was finally out of breath, so Hercules managed to capture it using a net. So he returned to Tyrins to show the Erymanthian boar to Eurystheas, who upon seeing the scary creature, hid inside a huge jar and asked Hercules to get rid of it.