Activity Holidays

If you seek to combine the knowledge of a great historical civilization, with activities such as hiking, biking and water sport in magical landscapes and live a strong lifetime experience exploring a blessed area in an alternative way, you have found the best choice, the Peloponnese activity tour.

If you seek for a strong combination of Greek Archaeology and seaside beauty, then this bike tour will definitely satisfy all your expectations. You will enjoy the endless beaches with the hazel waters located along the Argolic Gulf with some of the most important archaeological sites in Peloponnese such as Epidaurus with the famous theatre, Mycenae the kingdom of king Leonidas, ancient Tegea, Argos, ancient Lerna with the homonymous lake where Hercules killed the mythic beast, and the walls of ancient Tiryns.

You will meet in an alternative aspect one of the world’s greatest and most influential civilizations and revive in an active way the Greek cultural moments that are described in ancient legends and histories through the breathtaking archaeological wonders such as the Acropolis of Athens and Delphi but mainly in Peloponnese.