WINE FESTIVAL IN ZEVGOLATIO-ARCADIAThe wine festival that is held in September at the village Zevgolatio in the municipality of Arcadia, aims to point out and promote the local wine variety of Moschofilero, one of the most important and best-known varieties through the wine roads of Mantineia. The program is supported by musical performances and local food.

CHESTNUT FESTIVAL IN KASTANITSA-ARCADIAEvery year in late October, the village Kastanitsa celebrates its wonderful chestnuts. A festival that is dating from the late 18thcentury has been revived and become one of the most important chestnut festivals with numerous visitors from all over the Greece.

PALEOLOGIA FESTIVAL IN MYSTRASThe festival that takes place on the 29th of May in Mystras, is dedicated to the day of the occupation of Constantinople from the Ottomans in 1453 and the last Byzantine Emperor Constantine Paleologos. The program of the Paleologia festival includes music events, archery games, shooting competitions and a memorial ceremony for the sacrifice of the last Emperor and despot of Mystras, who died in 1453 defending Constantinople.

TRADE MARKET IN TEGEAThe fair of Tegea, in the center of Peloponnese carries a long history that is lost in the depth of centuries since the pre-revolutionary times and the Greek revolution of 1821. In its present form the fair of Tegea is organized by the Tegeatic Association for 130 years in a natural park of 125 acres.

MUSICAL FESTIVAL IN NAFPLIOThe musical festival of Nafplio continues its 23 years tradition as a key cultural event of the Greek summer. It takes place usually in the end of June and for ten days through the music shows it displays all the monumental sites of the Nafplio city- from the magical Palamidi castle up to the historical Bourtzi castle.

CARNIVAL IN PATRAThe Petra’s Carnival is the king of its kind in Greece ageing more than 180 years of history.  Every year in Greece, during the Carnival period, floral, artistic and satirical floats are taking the field.