Wind Surfing / Kite Surfing

Wind Surfing

Peloponnese has a variety of good locations for windsurfing where the winds are constant and the waters allow to all levels of windsurfers to practice their favorite sport. You can choose between many spots such as Karathona in Nafplio where you can combine windsurfing with relaxing on the sandy beach. Or, you can windsurf in Gialova with a mild breeze in the morning which strengthens in the afternoon for the most advanced. Agios Andreas is not crowded and the thermal breeze grows up to 25 knots almost every day in the summer. You can find equipment to rent at the beaches of Karathona, Kalamata, Foinikouda or Kyparissia.

Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is an exciting and eco-friendly sport that gets more and more popular every year. If you also share this pation for kite surfing, you will find your paradise in Peloponnese. The whole region is windy and from noon to afternoon the thermal wind is steady making the area perfect for this sport. Some of the best spots are Rio in Patra Nea Kios near Nafplio, Agios Andreas in Arcadia, the beach of Gialova, Kalamata. You will be able to find rental facilities and kite surfing school in Nea Kios and Kalamata, with the appropriate equipment but also in other places.