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Professional certificated guide. Languages: French, Spanish, Greek. Place of residence: Athens, Mystras, Sparta. I was born and grew up in Sparta- Laconia. I studied Archaeology and Art History at the University of Athens and gained a postgraduate degree in Archaeology from the University of Lyon (Lyon2). I graduated from the Tourist Guide of Athens in 1995 and have been since been working as a tour guide. From 1991 to 1997 i worked in the French School where, besides the management position i held (belonged to the Library staff), i participated in many excavations and studied programs in Delphi, Delos and Thasos. In winters i translate archaeological books from French to Greek. I also find fascinating the study and application of the ancient Greek thought in our lives today. My favorite areas for tour is Laconia ( Sparta, Mystras) and the Dodecanese ( Rhodes, Kos).