Argolida and the Myth of Phoroneus

Argolida is a Greek prefecture and its capital is Nayplio. It is located in the northeast of the Peloponnese. Main characteristics of Argolida are the production of oranges, olives and olive oil, its wonderful sea, where many water sports take place, its great archaeological sites such as the ancient theater of Epidaurus and the ancient city of Mycenae and its beautiful picturesque little villages such as Myloi, Vivari and Tolo. The origin of the name Argolida comes from the ancient city of Argos which was said to be the first ever city of the world. The ancient name of Argos was Foronikon Asty which means the city of Phoroneus who was the son of the river god Inachus. Phoroneus was said to be the first man and according to mythology he gathered all the people in one place and then founded the first ever city. Before that, people lived spread out around forests and mountains and apart from this, they spoke different languages. Phoroneus gathered and united all those people and merged their languages into one. Additionally, it is said that Phoroneus was the one who carried the fire from heaven to the people and taught them how to use it. According to Hyginus, Phonoreus was the first ancient king of the world.