Road Biking

Peloponnese is an excellent destination for road biking. Its geonatural morphology consists of many mountains with downhill and uphill parts but coastal routes as well. Magical forests, beautiful rivers and brooks and the greek blue waters of the sea form magnificent scenery.

Furthermore, as Peloponnese does not congregate mass tourism, asphalted country roads are safe and quiet for cyclists to cross the idyllic villages and experience the local tradition. Road biking is ideal in spring and autumn when temperatures remain low. During the summer months it is recommended to cycle early in the morning or in the afternoon due to the heat. However, the paths through the natural treasures will compensate each cyclist and the images that you will enjoy will accompany you forever back to your home. Also, in the winter time you can enjoy road biking choosing the coastal routes as the weather is milder there. In Peloponnese you can find organized cycling tours that will satisfy every expectation.

Mountain Biking

If you are more adventurous and have the desire for exploration, mountain biking in Peloponnese is the perfect choice. Its natural morphology with the changing landscape, the numerous mountains with the lush forests of firs, pines will captivate you from the first moment. Peloponnese offers multiple trails and forest roads with diverse slopes and soils that will carry you away. Mainalo mtn in Arcadia, Chelmos next to the town Kalavrita, Parnon and Taygetos will satisfy every rider.