Porto Heli

The Village

Porto Heli is a seaside village known as one of the most popular summer destinations. It is located at the eastern part of Peloponnese and has a large port that serves a great amount of sailing boats and private yachts that visit the area. Celebrities from all over the world tend to visit this place which offers a great amount of choices in terms of accommodation. Depending on the type of holidays you would like to do, in this area you could choose among luxury resorts, hotel complexes, villas, rooms to let and apartments. Families also tend to prefer this destination.
Biking is a perfect way to explore the area so you could rent one and start your journey. In this place you will enjoy the crystal water of the nearby beaches, the fresh fish, the nightlife and the cosmopolitan atmosphere. From the port of Costa which is near Porto Heli, you could take the ferry and visit the beautiful island of Spetses.
Near the natural harbor of Porto Heli exist even today the ruins of the sunken Ancient city of Alieon. If you are in mood for snorkeling you will see the ruins of the ancient sanctuaries. This ancient city was built in 468BC and participated in many battles that took place during the Peloponnesian War. The city was eventually destroyed in 303BC. Fishing was the main activity of this ancient city. The famous natural dye “Tyrian purple” was the main exportable product of the area and was used for the coloring of the royal clothing.
Until 1970 Porto Heli was mainly a secluded fishing village. Many Athenians started to build their vacations houses in the area and gradually rich people started investing on the area.

The Beach

Porto Heli beaches. The beach inside the bay of Porto Heli is an organized beach with crystal clear water. You can reach this beach on foot from Porto Heli. You will find it next to famous hotel complexes. The long sandy beach is ideal for those who would like to do water sports, like water ski, wind surfing, sailing and diving. Close to the area you will find plenty of restaurants, taverns and cafes. In Porto Heli you might also like to visit Kavouraki beach. This small pebble beach with the great view can be found behind the church Evagelistria.
Northwest of Porto Heli, about 3 km away, you will come across the Ververoda bay. In this bay you will find a lot of pebble bays with turquoise water surrounded by pine trees. The main organized beach attracts a lot of young people and is ideal for surfing. You will find a lot of options to enjoy a coffee or a meal. Near this area there is the Ververoda Lake, the hideout of the pirates! Some locals believe that the water of this lake can be therapeutic to some diseases.
The beautiful Chinitsa beach can be found 5km south of Porto Heli. The sandy organized beach is awarded with blue flag. Drink your coffee and enjoy the view of the Chinitsa Island just across the beach.
About 6 km south of Porto Heli you will find Agios Aimilianos, the southernmost cape of Argolida. In the area you will find peaceful sandy beaches with crystal clear water. Limanakia beach is a sandy beach northeast of the settlement. The Golden beach is a sandy beach with swallow water. You will notice some luxurious villas which famous and rich people own in this area. If you are in mood, visit the homonym chapel of Agios Aimilianos and admire the beautiful view to the island of Spetses.
Just a little further from Agios Aimilianos there are beautiful beaches in the Kounoupi area. Just across the beach there is the small homonym island Kounoupi.
Korakia is an area about 10km northwest of Porto Heli. After driving through the marvelous pine tree forest you will end up to the pebble beach of Korakia. Keep in mind that the road might not be easy due to the dirt tracks and also be prepared for anything you might need because the beach isn’t organized. Just across this beach you can see the homonym Korakia Island.
The bays mentioned above are not the only ones in the area. While driving around you will find a lot of small bays with crystal clear water that you might want to visit depending on your mood.

Places to visit

While planning your visit here don’t forget to include in your list a trip to the island of Spetses. From Porto Heli you can drive until (about 5Km away) the port of Costa. In the area of Costa you will find a beach covered with sand and pebbles. You could enjoy swimming here before taking the ferry to the island Spetses. On a daily basis there are ferries that will transfer you from Costa port to Spetses in about 15 minutes. Spetses is an island that has a great history, signal architecture and beautiful beaches to spend your time.
Koilada village is situated about 12 km away from Porto Heli. Here you will notice the picturesque shipyard with the fishing boats. While you are here taste the famed shrimps and discover some nice places for swimming. In the Koilada village you could visit Evagelistria beach, a swallow beach with pebbles and sand. From the village you can reach this beach on foot. Lepitsa beach is also a great place for swimming just 1,5km from Koilada village. This beach is ideal for families and offers a few restaurants and cafes. In addition 2,5km southwest of Koilada village you will find Doroufi beach. This sandy beach is ideal for those who love fishing. In the wider area you might like to visit Lakes beach, a pebble beach and also the unorganized sandy Thini beach. This beach is surrounded by trees and crystal clear water.
About 14,5km away from Porto Heli there is the cave of Frachthi which is one of the most important caves in Europe. The first inhabitation of this cave was around 40.000BC and according to indications it was continuously inhabited during 20.000-3.000BC. The findings of this cave can be found in the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio. The most important finding is a human skeleton of 8.000 -10.000 years old. The skeleton belonged to a 25year old man with 1,56 meters height.
In the wider area of Argolida you could visit Ermioni, another popular summer destination about 15 km away. The area is ideal for walking and swimming in the beautiful bights. Near Ermioni you will find the harbor which transfers you by ferry boats to Hydra. Make a trip to this historical island where you will enjoy hours of walking without the disturbance of the cars which are not allowed here.
A nice road trip would be towards the archaeological sight of Epidaurus. Seize this opportunity to visit one of the most important monuments of Ancient Greece. Admire the acoustics of the theatre and visit the archaeological museum which hosts the important findings of the area.