Loutra Killinis

Loutra Killinis is a famous spa town known mostly for the thermal baths and the hydrotherapy center of the area inside the beautiful forest with the pine trees. Also at the end of the forest you will find the amazing homonym sandy beach and some luxurious hotel complexes. Close to Loutra Killinis you will find very popular summer destinations like Killini and Arkoudi as well as important archaeological sites of the area, like the Ancient Olympia and Ancient Elis (known also as Ancient Ilida). It is an ideal place to combine your holidays with therapy.

The thermal baths Loutra Killinis

Loutra Killinis (also known as Linzi) is a wonderful area with the famous thermal springs about 9km away from the homonym beach of Loutra Killinis. The thermal baths are located near to Bartholomio village. As you get closer to the thermal springs you will be driving through a forest with pine trees, tamarisk, cedars and eucalyptuses. You will find the thermal springs with the water, the fumes and the mud. The baths are equipped with the hydrotherapy center and the water temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. The baths are ideal for balneotherapy (arthritis, rheumatisms, skin diseases etc.), inhalation therapy (asthma etc.), mud therapy and more!
Loutra Killinis means in Greek “The baths of Killini” and the area took this name due to the thermal springs of the area close to Killini, which was a harbor and settlement known since the antiquity. Also the area of the thermal baths was known in the ancient period and here there were sanctuaries dedicated to Asclepius, Aphrodite and other deities. Today the visitor of this place will find the remains of the Roman baths and a path that leads to an outdoor amphitheater. The place is also known as Linzi probably due to the fact that Litzi meant bath in Latin. Another theory says that the word means “the mouth of Hades”. During the Ottoman occupancy in Greece there was a bandit named Litzis and probably took his name from the baths.
The thermal baths were abandoned for centuries until 1890, when Charilaos Trikoupis was the prime minister of Greece, the area Loutra Killinis was handed to the railway company of Peloponnese for about 50 years. During this period the first investments took place in this area and a large hydrotherapy center was constructed. A railway line to Loutra was also constructed. During the German occupancy in Greece both the hydrotherapy center and the railway line were destroyed.
In 1951 Loutra Killinis was handed to the Greek National Tourism Organization. The organization constructed a modern hydrotherapy center as well as hotel complexes and a campsite. It is estimated that around 5000 people visit this area during the summer season.

The Beach at Loutra Killinis

The forest of the area ends up to the long exotic sandy beach of Loutra Killinis. The beautiful crystal clear water of this beach attracts plenty of travelers during the summer. The beach is organized with umbrellas, sun beds, toilets, shower etc. There is also a lifeguard for the protection of the bathers. You could enjoy a lot of water sports, like surfing, yachting and jet skiing. The water is shallow at the beginning so the beach is also suitable for families with children. Across the beach there are some impressive and luxurious hotels as well as a variety of restaurants.

The nearby beaches

Arkoudi is close to Loutra Killinis and offers a beautiful almost hidden beach. Arkoudi beach is a peaceful beach ideal for families. It is covered by sand and has permanent umbrellas offering shadow to its visitors. Around Arkoudi settlement you will find plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops as well as a variety of hotels in case you would like to stay here for some time.
The organized sandy beach Glifa is also an excellent choice to spend your time. The crystal clear water of the beach is ideal for swimming and fishing.
Thines is the beach of Vartholomio village (about 2km away from the village). Before arriving at the beach you will pass through the large artificial forest which was built by the residents of the area around 1950.
Golden Beach is the exotic beach of Killini. The beautiful golden sand and the crystal clear water of this beach attract plenty of travelers every year. The water deepens gradually making this beach ideal for families too.


Close to the area you might like to visit the Castle of Chlemoutsi. It is a Frankish castle at the Kastro village near Killini. The castle was built in 1217 and today you will find inside the castle a museum with priceless exhibits.
In the wider area you could visit some of the most important monasteries and churches of the area. The monastery of Agias Eleousas is one of them located in Ligia village near Arkoudi. The residents of the area during the 9th century were in danger because of the pirates. They found in the area the image of Panagia Eleousa and considered this a sing to build the monastery of Agias Eleousas. Another important monument you could visit is the byzantine church of Panagia Katholiki which dates back in the 12th century and is located in Gastouni. The monastery of Vlacherna is one of the most known monasteries in the area. The exact time of the construction isn’t clear but according to historic sources dates back in the 13th century. Inside the monastery there are remains of saints and a library with historic documents.
Ancient Elis (Ancient Ilida) is an important archaeological site of the area. It was the city which hosted the Olympic Games during the ancient period. In the area you will find the museum with the findings of the excavations. These findings date back in the Early Helladic Period until the Roman Period.
Quite close to Ancient Elis, about 7,5km away, there is Kentro village and the marvelous artificial lake with the Pineios Dam. It is one of the largest dams in Europe with height of 50 meters and length 2.175 meters. The constructions of the dam were completed in 1968.
After Ancient Elis you could also visit the place where the Olympic Games took place, Ancient Olympia. Here you will find the stadium where the ancient athletes competed and the facilities where they used to train. You will also see the remains of the temple which was dedicated to Zeus and where the magnificent chryselephantine statue of Zeus was placed. In the nearby museum you will see by the marvelous findings of the area, like the statue of Hermes of Praxiteles, which was built in 340BC by the famous sculptor Phidias.

Places to visit

Close to Loutra Killinis you will find beautiful places where you could stay. Arkoudi is the nearest and offers a lot of choices for your accommodation as well as the peaceful sandy beach of the settlement.
Killini is probably the most popular destination close to Loutra Killinis. The place also offers a large variety of places to stay. The place is of great historical importance and you could visit the important monuments around this area. Killini is also known for its amazing sandy beaches.