Kalo Nero

The Village

Viewing the Ionian Sea this little seaside village is a beautiful summer destination with amazing natural beauty. In this place you will enjoy the endless coastline where the protected species of Caretta-Caretta turtle nest every year in order to reproduce.
More and more hotels appear in this little village as a result of its popularity that is growing year by year. It is an ideal destination for the whole family and for those who love relaxing holidays by the sea. The endless beach of Kalo Nero is also ideal for those who love water sports.
The village is a good starting point to visit some of the most important historic monuments and beautiful beaches of Messinia.

The Beach

Kalo Nero beach is the star! The beach extends up to 14km and is covered by sand and pebbles. Enjoy the beautiful crystal clear water while you swimming or doing water sports. Near the beach you will find plenty of restaurants and café bars.
If you want to visit beautiful beaches close to Kalo Nero, you might consider travel towards the North and specifically to the Kaiafas beach. Here you will find a wide golden beach ideal for families and peaceful vacation. In addition in this area there is the Lake Kaiafa known for the popular thermal springs.
South of Kalo Nero you will also find some exceptional choices for swimming. Kyparisia and Filiatra offer plenty of beautiful coasts. If you would like to try some wind surfing, the long sandy beach Lagouvardos is made for you!
Across Marathopolis there is a small uninhabited island called Proti. You could take the boat from Marathos port to this islet and enjoy swimming in the small Vourlia beach. In addition the area is ideal for snorkeling or even scuba diving.


You should definitely visit the Archaeological Site of Peristeria, only 5km away from Kalo Nero. It is about a Mycenaean settlement which is considered one of the most important in Peloponnese and is often called “Mycenae of West Peloponnese”. The preserved Mycenaean vaulted graves will excite you. The valuable findings, which were found inside these graves and in the wider area, are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Chora. Close to this magnificent sight you will find another marvelous location, the Gorge of Stalactites. The hiking trail starts from the northern part of the archaeological site and is suitable for all the family.
Starting from Kalo Nero, after 50 driving you will find Ancient Messini which is one of the most important and well preserved ancient cities. You will be amazed by the stadium and the theatre of this ancient town.
Approximately 48km northeast of Kalo Nero there is the ancient Temple of Apollo Epicurius. This temple was created by the famous architecture Ictinus, known mainly for the Parthenon. The temple dates back in 420-400BC. Pausanias, the ancient traveler considered this temple as the second best temple of Peloponnese considering the beauty and the harmony, after the temple of Tegea. The monument is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
About 52km north of Kalo Nero you could visit the world known Archaeological Site of Ancient Olympia. Here you will see the stadium where the ancient Olympic Games took place. You will see the facilities where the ancient athletes worked out and the remains of the Temple of Zeus. Inside this temple there was the chryselephantine statue of Zeus which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Places to visit

A great hiking opportunity is only about 18km away from Kalo Nero. River trekking across the Neda River is a rewarding experience. According to Greek mythology, Neda was a deity of the water. When Rea gave birth to Zeus, she trusted Neda along with two other nymphs to bring up her child. Neda and the other nymphs protected the infant from its father Kronos, who ate his children. The place was named after the nymph Neda and is full of myths and legends. You will fall in love with this place which is full of trees, waterfalls and lakes with turquoise water. Consult some of the guided tours organized by experts in the area because the route might not be suitable for everyone.
Towards the South you will find plenty of popular destinations. Kyparissia is one of the most popular and closest to Kalo Nero. Here you will enjoy walking around the traditional settlement of the old city with the imposing Castle of Arcadia.
Visit Filiatra, the little village also known as “the little Paris”. Take a photo in front of the replica of the Eiffel tower and discover the important monasteries near this area. On your way to Filiatra you could visit Agrili settlement and sea “the Castle of Fairytales” of enjoy swimming in the nearby coast.
Even further from Filiatra there is Marathopolis, the fishing village near the popular Lagouvardos beach. Seize the opportunity to travel to the little island across Marathopolis called Proti Island and enjoy plenty of activities like swimming, hiking, scuba diving and snorkeling.
If you are in mood for more experiences, head even further to Pilos. This historical place will amaze the visitor with its great historical monuments, like Niocastro, the Palace of Nestor and the Paliocastro. Also near this area you will find the beach which is fairly considered the best of Peloponnese, Voidokoilia beach.