h3 class="anch">The Village

Finikouda is a seaside village in the southwest of Peloponnese and also a popular summer destination mainly because of its exceptional long beach. It is located between Methoni and Koroni and offers a lot of great sandy beaches and plenty of historically important places to visit.
Finikouda was an ancient settlement and during the Antiquity when name of the city was “Finikous Lemen” which meant the port of the Phoenicians. According to some historic indications the city was established by the Phoenicians who used this place as a centre of their trading activities.
In the recent years Finikouda was a small fishing village and during the last decades has developed into a popular tourist destination providing numerous hotels and apartments, camping sites, restaurants, fish taverns and cafes. It is also considered as a paradise for the surfers, especially in August.
Finikouda belongs to the wider county of Messinia which is a land blessed with lots of great products. Number one product is of course the olive oil. The famous Koroneiki variety is produced here and you shouldn’t leave without buying some for you and your family. Olives also are famous here especially those called “Kalamon”. The wine of the area is considered one of the finest and in the area of Messinia you might also come across some wineries. Grapes, raisins, figs and honey are also popular products of the area.

The Beach

Of course your first visit should be Finikouda beach. It is a long beautiful sandy beach with turquoise water that will astonish you. This peaceful coast is organized with umbrellas and sun beds and is ideal for families. Don’t leave without tasting fresh fish in the nearby taverns!
Around the area you will find even more options for swimming. One of the closest is Anemomilos beach also known as Charoupia or Makrinamos. It is in fact a part of a large coastline which extends up to 8km. This golden beach was awarded with the blue flag due to its crystal clear water. It is organized with sun beds and umbrellas and offers a lot of options for water sports and attracts many windsurfing fans.
A little further, just 1,5km from Finikouda there is Loutsa settlement with two beautiful bays, Loutsa beach and Tsapi beach. For those who can’t stand too much heat, this is your place! The summer breeze in this area will make your day. Loutsa beach is a sandy beach with large thick pebbles and is awarded with the blue flag. The place attracts also people who like fishing. For those who don’t fish, they can enjoy the fresh fish which is served in the local taverns.
If you like the idea of swimming and in the same gazing at a beautiful medieval castle, visit the beach of Methoni, about 12km away from Pylos. This long sandy beach near the castle has crystal clear water and due to the swallow water is also ideal for families with children.
About 19km away, you will find Zaga beach. This beach is one of the longest in Messinia and is located in Koroni, one of the most important cities in Messinia known for the imposing medieval castle. Due to its long size you will find organized parts with umbrellas and more secluded parts for those who like calmness. Near the beach there are traditional restaurants to visit in case you get hungry.
Voidokoilia beach is about 37km away from Finikouda. It is considered to be one of the best beaches of Peloponnese and of Greece in general. The unique shape, the extraordinary scenery, the beautiful sand and the crystal clear water of this beach will make you instantly fall in love with this place. The beach is not organized, so the visitor should keep in mind to carry along all the necessary equipment like water, food etc. The beach attracts a large number of visitors, especially in August. As you sunbathe the ruins of Paleocastro might draw your attention. Paleocastro is located on the hill at the southern part of the beach and was a castle of the 13th century built by the Francs. Below the castle Paleocastro there is a large cave which is known as “Nestor’s Cave”. According to Greek mythology this was the place where Hermes hid the cattle he stole from Apollo. At the northern part of the beach there is also an archaeological site called “The tomb of Thrasymedes”. Thrasymedes was the son of Nestor, the known king of Pylos. The tomb is dated to the Mycenaean period with findings from the Neolithic period. Voidokilia is considered to be the “sandy Pylos” which is referred in Homeric Poems and according to Homer was the place where King Nestor welcomed Telemachus when he was in the search of his father, Odysseus.
Very close to Voidokilia you might also like to visit Romanos beach. You will enjoy this partly organized sandy beach especially if you don’t like overcrowded places.

Places to visit

The wider area of Finikouda is of great historical importance.
Heading towards the West, about 10km, you wil find Methoni. This beautiful seaside town stands out for the imposing medieval castle. You can wander around the well preserved walls and buildings of the castle and end up to the south edge of the castle where is the “Bourtzi”, the little fortress just above the sea. After your visit to the castle you could enjoy swimming in the beautiful beach nearby or visit one of the local restaurants of the town to enjoy your meal.
A little further from Methoni and about 20,7km away from Finikouda you will come across another beautiful town, Pylos. This town is built amphitheatrically and has island-like features. In Pylos you have the opportunity to visit Niocastro, the fortress which was built by the Ottoman Empire in 1573. From Pylos you could also visit one the most important Mycenaean palaces, the Palace of Nestor, which is about 38,5km away from Finikouda.
About 18,5Km away from Finikouda, towards the east side of Finikouda this time, you will come across the town of Koroni. This little town, like Methoni, has an important Venetian castle to visit and some nearby beaches. In the town there are plenty of shops, traditional fish taverns and cafes especially on the seaside street near the harbor. Get ready for some pretty good pictures in this beautiful village!
Another beautiful location you could visit while you are in this area is Polilimnio, about 38,5km away. After walking the special path, which is surrounded by trees and crossing the wooden bridges you will end up to this heavenly like place! A big amount of lakes in the area form waterfalls due to the ground irregularities. There are about 15 lakes in this place, one of them is called Black Lace due to its limited access to the sun. Take some time to swim in this magnificent place which offers a unique experience with its natural beauty.