The village

Arkoudi is a popular summer destination known for its dreamy sandy beach. This seaside settlement is located at the northwest part of Peloponnese and very close to Loutra Kyllinis. The traditional houses of the settlement, the crystal clear water of the beach and the beautiful sunset are ideal for romantic vacation and relaxing holidays. Arkoudi seems to be a small hidden paradise in Peloponnese which looks like an island.
Arkoudi offers all the necessary amenities to its visitors. Hotels, rooms to let, supermarkets, mini markets, restaurants, fish taverns and cafes exist around this village.

The beach

Arkoudi beach is partly organized with umbrellas that exist in the beach permanently. It also has a lifeguard and a beach volley. The water deepens gradually which makes it ideal for families with children.
Quite close to Arkoudi you could swim in the beach of Loutra Kyllini. It is about 2,5km away from Arkoudi and is a long sandy beach awarded every year with the blue flag for its clear water.
The golden beach Glifa, about 4,7km away is also a great option. It is a long sandy beach organized with umbrellas and ideal for those who like peaceful holidays.
Thines beach is the long sandy beach of Vartholomio village. It is located about 16,3km away from Arkoudi. The beach is ideal for water sports. It is a very popular beach with plenty of nearby cafes and beach bars to spend your time.
Of course the beaches of Kourouta, about 28,5km away, are also a great choice if you don’t mind travelling a little bit further.

Places to visit

The Thermal springs of Kyllini are located inside a forest very close to Akroudi. The springs date back from the antiquity and in the area you could still see the ruins from the Roman times. Many travelers visit the springs due to their healing powers especially people suffering from arthritis, asthma and skin diseases.
About 6km away from Arkoudi there is Lygia village. Here you will find the Monastery of Agias Eleousas. The monastery was built during the 9th century when the Christians found the image of the Mother of God. During this period the place was in danger because of the pirates. The residents of this area considered this image as a sign to build this monastery in order to protect them. Every year in the monastery take place festive occasions during 30-31 August.
On the village Kastro about 9km away from Arkoudi you may want to visit the Frankish Castle Chlemoutsi. The castle was built during 1220-1223 by Geoffrey I of Villehardouin and was the most important fortress of the Frankish princedom of Achaia. The castle since then changed hands many times until the Greek War of Independence in 1821. It is a well preserved castle and an excellent sample of the architecture of fortresses during the Frankish occupancy in Greece. The castle offers an astonishing view of the Ionian Sea and the islands of Zakinthos, Kefalonia and Ithaki.
About 12km away you will find Vartholomio. In this small town you could visit the Folklore Museum which exhibits a collection of objects that are related to the history and the traditions of the area.
Kyllini is a beautiful destination about 15km away from Arkoudi. This harbor offers a great opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful islands of Eptanisa, like Zakinthos, Ithaki and Kefallonia.
About 28km away from Arkoudi you could visit one of the most important ancient cities of Peloponnese. Ancient Ilida was the capital of Illia in the Antiquity and also the city which organized the ancient Olympic Games. You will see here the ancient theater which today hosts important theatrical festivals.
Quite close to Ancient Ilida, near the Kentro village you could admire Pinios dam. Pinios dam is one of the largest dams in Europe. The constructions were completed in 1968. According to Greek Mythology, Hercules diverted the flow of Pinios and Alfios River in order to clean the Augean Stables, which was his fifth labor.
Last but not least, you could visit the Archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. It is located about 62km away from Arkoudi. Near the site you will find the Archaeological Museum of Olympia with the astonishing findings.