If you wish to take a step in time and get a pure taste of Greek tradition on two charming islands not too far away from Athens, then Hydra and Spetses is the place to be! Both these islands, located in the Saronic Gulf do not allow motor vehicles on their roads, maintaining their originality and traditional lifestyle. Hydra Town as well as Spetses Town is a maze of cobbled narrow streets lined with amazing stone mansions that travel you to another era, where the ship building was flourishing. You can swim in some of the most beautiful beaches such as Agia Marina, Agios Mamas, Vlychos, Anargyri with plenty taverns and cafes or if you seek for more privacy, you can choose the less known beach of Agios Nikolaos. Also, take the chance to taste the Hydra’s famous almond macarons, which are handmade and fresh local seafood and grilled octopus. Your visit to these two small but magnificent jewels of Saronic Gulf will reward you generously.