Taygetos Mountain is the highest mountain range of Peloponnese which combines beautiful hiking routes, picturesque mountainous villages, creeks, stone bridges and trees. It is located between Megalopolis (Arcadia), Evrotas (Laconia) and Messinia. The top of the mountain is called “Profitis Ilias” (Prophet Elias) and is located at 2.407 meters altitude. From Taygetos begin two rivers, Evrotas River which flows in the Laconian Gulf and Nedontas River which flows in the Messenian Gulf.

Tiros “The stunning coastline of 18km”. This picturesque fishing village offers its visitors the most relaxing vacation. It is an ideal summer destination for those who want peaceful family vacation, for the couples in love and for the lovers of the nature.

Trikala Korinthias is the most popular destination of mountainous Korinthia. This mountainous destination is ideal for those who love hiking, skiing and road trips with four-wheel drives. The area is known since the Antiquity for its healing powers and even the recent years many people visited the area just to enjoy the ideal climate and breath the refreshing air of this area.