Pilos “The place with continuous historical presence since the prehistoric times”. This little seaside town at the southwest of Peloponnese has played an important role during the history of Greece. It was the kingdom of Nestor, the wisest among the leaders of the Trojan War. In addition the known Battleship of Navarino in 1827 took place here resulting in the defeat of the fleet of the Ottoman Empire.

Pirgos is the largest city and the capital of Elias County. Around the central paved square of the city you will find important monuments, like the beautiful building of the Agora. The city of Pirgos is known for its cultural history as you might figure from the theatrical events of the city and the well known cinema festival which attracts many visitors at the city.

Pirgos Dirou “Fight like a woman!”. Pirgos Dirou is a popular destination known for its natural beauty. The extraordinary Lake Caves of Diros are only about 3km away. The tour of the caves is done mainly by boat and only the part on foot. While gazing at the impressive formations of the stalactites and stalagmites you will be immersed into the mystery of the nature.

Porto Heli is a seaside village known as one of the most popular summer destinations. It is located at the eastern part of Peloponnese and has a large port that serves a great amount of sailing boats and private yachts that visit the area.

Modern Sparta is located between the mountains of Taygetos and Parnonas at the valley of Evrotas River. It is constructed at the same location with the homonym ancient city and is surrounded by a fertile valley of olive trees, orange and lemon trees.

Spetses “The island of the scents“. If you like romantic and peaceful holidays this picturesque historic island with the pine trees will excite you! According to some sources the name Spetses derives from the Italian phrase “Isola di Spezzie” and was given to this island during the Venetian occupancy.

Stoupa “The fairy of Messinian Bay”. Stoupa is a newly built little village at the south of Peloponnese. The picturesque sandy beaches, the small rivers, the caves, the beautiful harbors and the hill with the castle are some of the reasons more and more tourists visit every year this magical place.

Tiros “The stunning coastline of 18km”. This picturesque fishing village offers its visitors the most relaxing vacation. It is an ideal summer destination for those who want peaceful family vacation, for the couples in love and for the lovers of the nature.

Vrahati “A beautiful seaside resort”. Vrahati is a seaside small town located at the north of Peloponnese and about 12km west of Korinthos. It is developed into a popular summer resort with some luxurious hotel complexes and apartments in the wider area. The verdant seaside settlement offers a beach with crystal clear water which was awarded with Blue Flag.

Xilokastro “The green shore of the homeland”. Xilokatro is a popular tourist destination of Peloponnese which attracts many travelers due to its natural beauty. The natural forest Pefkia near the sea and the beautiful beaches around this area are the main attractions of Xilokastro.