Gialova “A lagoon of inestimable environmental value” . This small picturesque settlement will charm its visitors. The natural beauty of the Gialova lagoon in the north, the extraordinary beaches and the history of the wider area offer you more than enough reasons to visit this magical place.

Gytheio is an ancient city, located in the southern Peloponnese, near the river mouth of the famous Eurotas River in the Laconic Bay. It is characterized by the small dock, the neoclassical houses standing on the slope of the Akoumaro Mountain and the graphical narrow streets between the buildings.

Kalo Nero “The choice of Caretta-Caretta turtle” .Viewing the Ionian Sea this little seaside village is a beautiful summer destination with amazing natural beauty. In this place you will enjoy the endless coastline where the protected species of Caretta-Caretta turtle nest every year in order to reproduce.

Kardamili “A song of stone and sun!” . It is an elegant seaside village which consists of traditional stone houses with tiled roofs, a charming old city with imposing historical towers, little pebble bays, olive trees and cypresses. It is a popular destination for many nature lovers and artists from Greece and Europe.

Katakolo “Europe tastes the raisin”. Katakolo is the harbor of Pirgos, the capital of Illia County. It was built in the 19th century in order to export products in Europe especially raisins. Today the harbor operates mainly for touristic reasons and less for commercial purposes.

Kavos is a small seaside village that can be found at the northeast side of Peloponnese, at Corinthia County. The name of the village is associated with its location as Kavos in Greek means a cape. The village is known for its amazing fish taverns which lure many visitors, especially the Athenians.
Beside the fresh fish, Kavos is an ideal location for those who like to stroll around at seaside locations, inhale fresh air and visit some beautiful beaches around the area. For your accommodation there is a hotel at the center of the settlement.

Kiato “The place where Olympian Gods and humans met”. Kiato is a seaside town at the northeast of Peloponnese and a popular destination with many options for your accommodation. It is known for its beautiful beach which is wetted by the Corinthian Gulf. In addition Kiato is the ideal starting point for the picturesque villages of the mountainous Corinthia.

Kiparissia “Perhaps the most beautiful sunset of the world!”. You will find Kiparissia built amphitheatrically on the foot of the mountain Aigaleo also known as Psichro. It is located in the southwest of Peloponnese viewing the Ionian Sea and offers an amazing view during the sunset. It is the third largest town in population in Messinia. The beautiful beaches and the rich history of this area have made this little town a popular destination.

Korinthos is a seaside city with imposing hills and important archaeological monuments. It is located at the east side of the Corinthian Gulf, northeast of Peloponnese. The visitor of the modern city will find a beautiful city with wide streets, squares and a picturesque harbor.

Kourouta “The place which combines relaxation and fun”. Kourouta is in fact the long sandy beach between Arkoudi and Katakolo. The beach is awarded every year with the Blue Flag due to its crystal clear water. Kourouta is a very popular destination and therefore many hotels, rooms to let and campsites exist in this area to make your vacation as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.